Latest songs 04/01/2015


Listen some of the handpicked songs composed by Valtteri Kujala. Valtteri's songs have been featured also in multiple dance films and film trailers. If you would like to use these songs, please contact

Composer Valtteri Kujala

Composer Valtteri Kujala was born and educated in Oulu, Finland. By the age of 6 when he started first piano lessons it was obvious that Valtteri had little interest in playing existing music, but would rather come up with something himself. Later he studied on Oulu pop&jazz conservatory and found own company "Xonja".

Whilst my approach to sound is on one hand fresh, on the other I am going back to our roots by asking the question: what is sound, music and melodies actually for? I believe that everybody has the right to experience world full of moving emotions. With my music of sensations, I want to bring different cultures and people together.

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